Sky Sports World Championship Darts table

With the World Darts Championship set to kick off on 13th December 2019 on Sky Sports, Zone were tasked with the production of a unique table to be feaured on the Channel’s Christmas coverage.  The table design represents the metal grip often featured on a playing dart and the textured ‘knurling’ was to be a excellent test of our CNC capabilities.  The circular body of the desk was cut from fibreboard with the use of our computer controlled router.  It was twice sprayed in metallic silver and then taped and resprayed to add the red and white rings.

Internally there is a ‘secret’ cupboard intended for additional hidden electronics or for presenters to store a bottle of water, unseen from the audience. Also hidden inside is the the LED lighting which can be alterered by remote control to phase through a choice of colours.  The table is finished with the World Championship Darts graphic on opal acrylic which gives a soft light.  The graphic was sealed with matt varnish to avoid any reflection or glare when filmed.  For transportation we also custom built a packing crate to prevent any damage in transit.

This table is to take to the stage in Sky Sports coverage of the World Darts Championship from Friday 13th December to 1st January 2020.